RainStor enables simple and cost-effective management of enterprise Big Data. RainStor can be deployed as a primary or secondary database depending on the use-case and end-user requirements. RainStor’s database is embedded in industry leading solutions delivered by strategic partners including Informatica, HP, Dell, among others.

Historical data, such as inactive or static data from operational databases, data warehouses, or ever increasing volumes of machine-generated data need to be managed and stored for further query and analysis. Data growth rates in specific sectors outstrips that which has been generated by humans in transactional or operational systems. Machine or raw data coming from network logs, web clickstream logs and sensor or meter data from a utility smart-grid network, oil and gas pipelines or transportation and logistics carriers is coming into the enterprise at network speed and must be collected, managed and analyzed.

The data must be online and accessible for a number of business and compliance regulatory purposes and when it is voluminous, it becomes cost-prohibitive to manage over time. Traditional offline tape archives don’t provide significant cost benefits when compared to modern solutions that enable you to keep data online and fully accessible over multi year timespans. Tape archives are risky and complex when it comes to reinstatement and the associated challenges with mapping older schemas with their corresponding database and application versions.

Chief Technical Advisor, Investor (2011 Till Present)