21st Century IT Transformation & Challenges

The communications industry is clearly undergoing a massive transformation, and one must consider which strategic direction to implement in order to execute a flawless model for 2014 and beyond. Although there is no “secret sauce” when it comes to building a strategy and the result ultimately lies in pure execution, there are components that determine an ideal position to drive winning more customers. In my opinion, every telecom company must focus on four strategic directions:

  • Customer Experience
  • Network Transformation
  • Service Transformation
  • Cultural Transformation

At each of these four major strategic pillars, the best and most critical key performance indicator is cycle time. The lower the cycle time, the better the customer experience, better service delivery and better top line revenue.

Below is an interview I gave describing how one can transform any company to compete and become number one in any service delivery, bringing top line revenue and lower costs in order to meet the demands of every customer in any region of the world.

Cyberflow Analytics, Taking Security to the Next Level with Analytics

The mark of any transformation is not necessarily associated with any science, rather it is truly an art form which is key in any successful transformation in the 21st century.

Dr. Eslambolchi