Monthly Archives: December 2013

21st Century IT Transformation & Challenges

The communications industry is clearly undergoing a massive transformation, and one must consider which strategic direction to implement in order to execute a flawless model for 2014 and beyond. Although there is no “secret sauce” when it comes to building a strategy and the result ultimately lies in pure execution, there are components that determine an ideal position to drive winning more customers. In my opinion, every telecom company must focus on four strategic directions:

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Do or Die in the Cloud Computing World

Cloud-based computing and virtualization have been one of the hottest areas in communications over the past decade, and as the technology matures, it is being used by many corporations worldwide. In order to build a world-class technology, one must examine lessons learned from previous introductions of technology insertion into the marketplace in order to optimize cost, capability and cycle time across the business. Below is my personal top 10 of some of do or dies in the cloud computing world, which can be used by network engineers in order to design and provide best in class products across the globe.

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