Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wireless Spectrum Needs Vs. Wi-Fi Offload Solutions

Cellular data networks operators are faced with the significant challenge of increasing data usage and flat ARPU. The emergence and proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices are taxing the capacity of cellular networks, given the limited spectrum holding of the carriers and the associated channel bandwidth. A 100% growth of smartphones is projected by 2017, bringing the number of devices to 2.4B. At the same time, ARPU is projected to have a gap of more than 25% by 2017, compared to $150 today for quad services.

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Top 10 Challenges for Service Providers in 2014

Given the significant transformation in the telecommunications industry and the reduction in both top line revenues and margins, I would like to present the top 10 challenges for Service Providers (SPs) going into 2014. I will follow this up with some suggested solutions in my next blog, including how to address these problems, increase reserves and free up some much needed cash.

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