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IPv6 Migration & Its Contingencies, Complexities & Implications: Part 6

This chapter discusses IPv6 growth over the next decade, specifically focusing on security, the ultimately lynch pin to success for IPv6 and billions of devices to the global internet.

IPv6 Growth by Year’s End 2025

With such fast growth in the number of internet devices, it looked as if IPv4 addresses would be exhausted. However, researchers and technologists in the internet standards organizations anticipated this problem in the early 1990s and developed methods to extend the life of IPv4. Meanwhile, they also initiated the development of the “next generation” of IP, an effort that led to the development and standardization of IPv6.

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IPv6 Migration & Its Contingencies, Complexities & Implications: Part 5

In part 5 of 7 on IPv6, I will talk about the general model around the protocol and the technology behind it. In Parts 6 and 7, I will finally focus on some of the security issues surrounding IPv6 and BYOD and mobility issues that need to be solved both for delivering services from quote to cash and service maintenance. If these issues are not solved in the industry, there will be a major delay in delivering IPv6 within service providers worldwide and ultimately into corporate enterprise.

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