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Cyber Security Principles and Its Challenges in 21st Century – Part 2


 In my previous blog, I discussed some of the vulnerabilities around cyber security and in this one I will talk about on some security principles if applied will yield significant benefits in preventing massive hacking attacks but the problem of hacking must be solved in almost N dimension and we are talking given knowledge of industry in 3-5 dimensions using Firewall, IDS, DDoS and other techniques but not enough to thwart any hacking attacks completely.

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Cyber Security Principles and Its Challenges in 21st Century

Global Service providers and their customers are facing growing problems. They are now required to protect their network and computing infrastructures from attack by amateurs, malicious intruders, industrial spies, cyber-criminals, and potential cyber-terrorists. The 2004 E-Crime Watch survey of security and law enforcement executives by CSO magazine, the U.S Secret Service, and the CERT Coordination Center found an increase in e-crimes and network, system, or data intrusions over 2011. Continue reading